Beckman Reveals Grand City Vision at Oxford EV Show by Spencer Beckman

Beckman Automobiles Director Spencer Beckman (left) and Lord Mayor of Oxford Craig Simmons (right).

Beckman Automobiles Director Spencer Beckman (left) and Lord Mayor of Oxford Craig Simmons (right).

Beckman Automobiles publicly debuted its vision for the Grand City at the 2019 Oxford Electric Vehicle show. A 3D printed scale model highlighted the car’s exterior design while a carbon fibre chassis section gave visitors a hands-on experience with the extremely strong and lightweight composite. The event focused on the promotion of current electric vehicles and served as a platform for Beckman to share its vision of the world’s most sustainable, desirable, and affordable electric car. Among the show’s attendees were Lord Mayor of Oxford Craig Simmons (pictured above right) and renowned EV advocate Roger Atkins, both of whom were extremely supportive of Beckman’s vision for a more sustainable and joyful future of transportation.

Beckman Named Brookes Spark Award Recipient by Spencer Beckman

Beckman Automobiles has been named as a recipient of the Oxford Brookes University Spark award, which provides startups and early-stage companies with funding to test new products or ideas. Beckman Automobiles founder Spencer Beckman presented to a crowd of university students, recent graduates, and general public, where the Beckman GT concept was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. The funds awarded are to be focused on the assembly of the Beckman GT powertrain test mule, scheduled for Q1 2019.

MODE Ltd. to Supply Prototype Body Panels for Beckman EV by Spencer Beckman

Mouldbox, a new company backed by Innovate UK and under the same management as MODE Ltd. has been identified as the supplier for a run of prototype body panels for the Beckman GT development program. The local business has over 15 years experience in the composites industry and is led by Martin Oughton, a veteran of the F1 and Grand Prix Yacht industries. Beckman Automobiles is proud to find local partners who share our desire for quality, sustainability, and value. Their wide range of capabilities, from mould manufacturing to complete body panels, compliments Beckman Automobile’s business strategy and our commitment to boosting local economy.

Public Debut at Brookes University Tech Show by Spencer Beckman

The Beckman vehicle concept debuted at the Oxford Brookes University Tech Show on May 28th, 2018 to overwhelmingly positive support from the university engineering faculty, potential business partners, and the general public.  We look forward to increasing public exposure of the company and the concept of the Beckman GT in the near future.