From the future, for the future. GBike by Beckman.


The future of urban mobility.

Ask any major urban planning committee on their plans for future city transport and something called “shared micromobility” will be at the top of their list. This transport category refers to small personal vehicles such as electric scooters and e-bikes. While fun, they offer little in terms of comfort or storage for a commute down rough city streets. We approached the task with the typical Beckman mentality: create a consumer desire to change by making sustainable transport fun and exciting. Then we created the ultimate two-wheel commuter concept.

The second vehicle to join Beckman Mobility Service.

The GBike is designed to be shared like many current bike-sharing services, but it joins a much larger mobility network. Unlike competitors, Beckman is the first OEM to vertically integrate mobility as a service, which means we make the hardware and the software to deliver the most seamless, intuitive, and convenient experience. A single app will immediately grant user access to a vast network of shared cars and e-bikes with public transportation integration as well. Travel through any urban area in style, comfort, and unprecedented sustainability without the hassle of owning vehicles.