My Childhood Dream


I still have that yellow toy truck I’m holding in the picture to the right, and I still have the same passion for my childhood dream: to start a car company. Granted, when I was drawing cars and dismantling scooter engines as a 12 year old, I envisioned competing with Ferrari and Lamborghini. About halfway through my Motorsport Engineering degree – well on track for my plan of entering Formula One and then building supercars with the knowledge learned – I had a change of heart because I realized some important things: global climate change is the single largest problem my generation faces today, and electric cars are expensive yet very few are actually desirable.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought I could address both of those issues through my lifelong passion. So I started designing the most sustainable, desirable, and affordable electric car that someone could not only use every day, but one they would want to use every day. I want to spark desire to change.  

This company is driven by a simple idea: we have to fight for our planet.  Why not have fun doing it?

         - Spencer Beckman