Our Mission


We have two missions. The first mission is for our customers: we have to provide products that inspire a change of habit and excite people on an emotional level. Every Beckman product should be beautiful, simple to use, and fun.

The second mission that drives us is the fight for our environment.  We took a long, hard look at every electric car on sale today and noticed they’re built just like other cars, because they’re made by the same manufacturers. Our vehicles are designed to be twice as sustainable as our competitors thanks to intelligent design, sustainable materials, and new manufacturing methods that the big players don’t want to adopt because it would cost them a fortune to change their old habits.

Lastly, we know that the most sustainable car is a shared car. We’re designing for a future where people can use vehicles without owning them. The Beckman Mobility as a Service platform is something no other OEM offers, and while many are trying to prepare for the MaaS revolution, none are entering the race with a clean slate like we are with purpose-built vehicles. For more information, you can read the story of our founder here.

The Team